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Vissza 2013. június 14.

Szlovén műkorcsolya tábor

Az ISU a felzárkosztatási programja keretében nyári műkorcsolya tábort szervez 2012 július 29 – augusztus 9 között Ljubljanában.



Az alábbiakban közöljük az angol nyelvű meghívó levelet és mellékeljük a  jelentkezési lapot.


Celovška 25, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

telefon/phone: (+386) 1  439 15 40, faks/fax: (+386) 1  439 15 41

elektronska pošta/e-mail:


Subject:   Invitation to Figure Skating Program for Developing Countries, Ljubljana, Slovenia, July 29 till August 9, 2013


Dear Ms. / Mr. President,

Slovene Skating Union is pleased to inform you that a regional project called Figure Skating Program for Developing countries is planned to be organized in summer 2013.

Name of the camp:                                         Figure Skating Program for Developing Countries

The period and venue of the camp:         July 29 till August 9, 2013, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA

The goal of the camp is to provide high-level education and training for young Figure Skaters of the region (until the age of 15). The project is planned to be a part of series of training camps continued in the following years including monitoring the Skaters at the season’s events.

Additional objective of the series of camps is to develop the activity of the region and make territorial cooperation more active.

Skaters entered should fulfill the following criteria:

GROUP A:  Competitors in Juniors, Advance Novices, Basic Novice B (Debs) categories, already performing: 2A or triple jump, 2Lz, 2F, 2-2 combo or seq., spins Level 3

GROUP B: Competitors in Basic Novice A, Advanced Novice ( = Springs – born in 2001/2000), already performing 2Lz, 2F/2Lo, 2-2 combo or seq., 1A, spins Level 2

GROUP C:  competing in Cubs – born in 2002-2005 and Chicks – born in 2004-2005, already performing 1A, 2 different double jumps, spins Level 1 and Chicks – born in 2002-2003, performing 1A; 4 different double jumps, spins Level 2

Please be informed that Members can enter maximum 5-7 Skaters*. In case there are too many entries, the selection of the Skaters will be in accordance to the above criteria.

*the DPO and the OC reserves the right that in case of too many entries, the number of entries per Member can be limited

We have booked for your teams the following facilities:

a)       Youth Hostel (10 km from ice rink) where also the off ice facilities rooms will be located:

–          full board including off-ice and transportation by van (shuttle type, route Youth hostel – ice rink – Youth hostel) in double room 43 € / per person

–          full board including off-ice and transportation by van in triple room 40 € / per person

Free of charge: wireless connection in youth hostel lobby, availability of 4 computers with I-net access.

b)       hotel M (15 km from ice rink), accommodation + off-ice:

–          bed and breakfast in single room 56,00 € / per person (half board 64,00 €)

–          bed and breakfast in double room 41,00 € / per person (HB 49,00 €)

–          bed and breakfast in triple room 40,00 € / per person (HB 47,00 €)


All coaches, chaperons and officials have to bear their own expenses for their accommodation.

The Coaches’ Seminar, organized on August 3 and 4, 2013 will be free of charge.

Venue:  Zalog Ice Rink, Agrokombinatska 2, 1000 Ljubljana (ice surface  30m x 60m, International Standard Ice Rink) seminar room in the facility, dance and fitness room in Youth Hostel

Head Moderator: Ms. Shanetta Folle

Coaching Team:

Mr. Yuri Bureiko,

Ms. Tamara Dorofeyev,,

Ms. Oksana Gorbachev,

Mr. Ivan Uršič – athletics,

Ms. Saša Vovk – dance

Program of the camp:

– 2 x 1 hour on ice training per day

‐ 1 hour off-ice training per day

‐ dance lessons

‐ consultation on choreography questions

‐ consultation with a Technical Specialist

‐ coaches’ seminar

We expect to receive the enclosed entry form with all the data requested (conditioned by ISU) preliminarily by June 20 and final by July 12, 203.

With sincere respects,

Darja Gabrovšek – Polajnar, President of SSU

Ljubljana, June 12, 2013

Enclosure: – entry form

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