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Vissza 2017. október 1.

Choi Ming Jeong from Korea is the Queen of Budapest

The races of the third individual distance, the 1000, as well as those of the two relay events remained for Sunday at the AUDI ISU World Cup Short Track. From the 1000m quarter-finals the first two of each heat and the two quickest third placed got into the semi-final. Petra Jászapáti was skating on the fourth place all through in her heat, but in the final straight the Olympic Champion Shim Suk Hee fell, thus she advanced to the semi-final.

Sándor Liu Shaolin as a trademark took the lead only in the last laps of his heat, and won it and went on to the best 10, unlike his brother who hit the marker just at the entrance to the finish skating in the second position., so he arrived sixth and finished the competition in this distance.

Liu Shaoang (HUN)

What happened was that the ice literally broke from underneath me and I slipped out. I was in the fourth heat in the eighth if we count those of the ladies’. Unfortunately, the further we advance in time, the ice gets more breakable, and this time I was the victim. There were quite many cases of crashes and violations, I’m quite surprised that the referees haven’t excluded any skaters. According to form on paper I was supposed to get into the final, I’m really sorry about that slip.

In the semi-final Petra Jászapáti went out of her way to get into the final, she was even undertaking the lead for a while, however finally crossed the line fifth.

Petra Jászapáti (HUN)

I got quite exhausted by the end, I can feel the many heats in my legs as well. You have to spare your energy quite differently here than at a National Championships, however, so it was a very good experience for me to try it too. I’m really sorry I couldn’t skate in the finals, still I enjoyed competing on home ice, the audience was fantastic and I had a good time on the ice.

Sándor Liu Shaolin’s heat was really tough, of course you cannot expect anything else among the best ten. Sándor was advancing from lap to lap. The World Record holder of the event, Hwang Dae Heon took the lead overtaking from outside. The Hungarian skater also was also striving to get the leading position, but as he used his hand touching the Korean he was disqualified and, the Korean was forwarded to the A final.

Sándor Liu Shaolin (HUN)
There were two or two and a half laps to go, and I can’t recall exactly, I tried to overcome the Korean. I felt the power in me. Unfortunately, it was 100% my fault. I didn’t prepare the movement properly, I made a mistake. It would be necessary to win the relay, that would mean a fifth place, which is quite good, and then win at the next leg of the World Cup, once we couldn’t make it in front of the home crowd.

The World Cup winners of the event:
In the ladies Choi Ming Jeong from Korea, who won all three individual events in Budapest, as well as clinching the gold with the relay squad. Second place was taken by Boutin from France, the way it happened in 1500m.

Min Jeong Choi (KOR)
I’m very happy, it’s a relief for me and I’m much more relaxed than I was yesterday. It was a tough race, but I managed to get to the front and afterwards all I had to do was to keep my position. We’re at the beginning of the preparation, but I think we’re on the right path, so we only have to go on doing what we’ve started.

In the men’s event the Koreans triumphed two what’s more they did it twice. Yesterday’s results were copied: 1st: Lim Hyo Jun, 2nd: Hwand Dae Heon.

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