Budapest Cup 2018 - NONISU

Mixed Age


1Team Tyrol Diamonds MIXAUT
2Team Black Angels MIXCZE
3Team Hot Lines MIXCZE
4Team Ice Flowers MIXCZE
5Team Ice Lions Batumi MIXGEO
6Team Butterfl'ice MIXGER
7Team Munich Synergy MIXGER
8Team Saxony Ice Pearls MIXGER
9Team Starlets MIXGER
10Team United Angels MIXGER
11Team Rocking Robins MIXGBR
12Team Black Rose MIXHUN
13Team Budapest Synchro MIXHUN
14Team Frostwork MIXHUN
15Team Ice Stars MIXHUN
16Team Frost Fairies MIXITA
17Team Olimpia Como MIXITA
18Team Shining Blades MIXITA
19Team Ice Devils MIXNED
20Team Ice Fire MIXPOL
21Team Fire Arrows MIXUKR

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