Olympic qualifier
Sept. 28 - Oct. 01, 2017

World Cup


  • 2017. 10. 01.
    Korean and Canadian golds to conclude the event
    In the men’s relay event Canada won the race ahead of the Chinese in an incredibly close race. In the women’s competition South Korea prevailed, as with the relay win they have pocketed six golds out of the eight on offer.
  • 2017. 10. 01.
    My helmet is me
    “It is actually all my idea”, Aaron Tran of Team USA started presenting his helmet – representing himself. The ISU made a decision last year that allows athletes to show their helmets during the competition, they do not need to cover them anymore.
  • 10. 01. 2017
    Choi Ming Jeong from Korea is the Queen of Budapest
    The races of the third individual distance, the 1000, as well as those of the two relay events remained for Sunday at the AUDI ISU World Cup Short Track. From the 1000m quarter-finals the first two of each heat and the two quickest third placed got into the semi-final.
  • 10. 01. 2017
    Hungarians under microscope
    The actual health conditions of our athletes are measured not only weekly or monthly, but we do conduct a continuous tracking of their state on a daily basis. They are checked immediately after wake up in the morning, so that the coaches would get a picture on the scale of load their nervous system can endure – says Péter Kovács MD.
  • 2017. 10. 01.
    László Fábián, Sports Director of the Hungarian Olympic Committee: we have the base to build on
    We have had a very good tournament, it has been very well-organised, you could feel that everything was in its right place, and the races were exciting as well.
  • 10. 01. 2017
    Results of the Finals (30. 09)
  • 09. 30. 2017
    Relay semi-finals
    In the second semi-final of the Ladies’ 3000m team Korea soon took the lead, but the Russian, the French and the Hungarian relay squads following them kept alternating the second position.
  • 09. 30. 2017
    Sándor Liu Shaolin – 500 m World Cup winner
    The next event was the sprint race of the short track. Only skaters taking the first two places each heat could advance to the final.
  • 09. 30. 2017
    The Hungarians have to do with place winning positions
    The AUDI ISU Olympic Qualifier World Cup Short Track commenced with the Ladies 1500m semi-finals. Only the first two of each round could advance to the final A. Petra Jászapáti lined up in the first semi-final.
  • 09. 30. 2017
    The AUDI ISU World Cup Short Track is officially opened
    Sounds of fanfare introduced the opening ceremony of the AUDI ISU World Cup Short Track, just to follow by the nextgen athletes on the ice, who represent the future of the discipline. Meanwhile the spectators could enjoy a selection of slides on the sights of Budapest.
  • 09. 29. 2017
    Both Hungarian relay teams advanced to the semi-finals
    The relay races took place on Friday afternoon. Due to the great number of entries two rounds have been staged for the four-member teams. The two best of each race and the two best third placed teams have advanced to the next round.
  • 09. 29. 2017
    The Ice is at its Peak

    The Ice is at its Peak

    Today is the maximum load of the ice. What does that mean?

    The relays are today; this will be the main effect. This is when the most amount of hot water is poured on the ice.

  • 09. 29. 2017
    On the Edge

    Attila Telegdi, head of the speed-trial department of the Hungarian Ice Skating Federation

    What makes the edge of the skate so special?

    It’s a 1,1-1,2-millimetre-wide surface, and the material is flexible.

  • 09. 29. 2017
    Selma, the French from the Netherlands or the Dutch from France?
    Selma Poutsma’s name had been listed among the Dutch for years, nowadays, however she contributes to the successes of France. The lady, who turned 18 this Spring used to live in Den Haag, but moved to Font-Romau in France.
  • 09. 28. 2017
    The big star of a small short track nation has two homes
    Great Britain: Fish and Chips, Big Ben, soccer… Short track speed skating? Yes! A small nation in this growing sport raised a big star, who, a year ago was crowned overall world champion.
  • 09. 28. 2017
    Experiences of horror injury keep Celski from quitting
    Kids and adults all over the world got goose bumps in 2010 during the Olympic Games in Vancouver when J.R. Celski of USA crossed the line 3rd in Final A, capturing the bronze medal in 1500m.
  • 09. 27. 2017
    14 Olympic, 31 World Champions are present at the Budapest World Cup
    With 134 days to go till the beginning of the Winter Olympics, the Organising Committee of the Audi ISU World Cup Short Track held a press conference in the BOK Hall.
  • 09. 27. 2017
    From volunteer to participant
    She planned to help as a volunteer during the World Cup Short Track in Dordrecht, but now she can start on the ice. The 16-year old Marijn Wiersma was, to her own surprise, invited to join the world cup team after the selection competition.
  • 09. 26. 2017
    Password: Family
    The members of the Hamelin family from Canada have already left their mark on the world of short track speed skating, and it is not yet over. A new season is starting right now in Budapest, with the last Olympics ahead for elder brother Charles and his long-term girlfriend Marianne St-Gelais.
  • 09. 26. 2017
    Crazy love Suzanne!
    Who would think that Dutch short track ace Susanna Schulting has only turned 20 today? The organizing committee has greeted the birthday-girl with a chocolate cake after her training today, playing the forever hit song of The Art Company, Susanna
  • 09. 24. 2017
    Love of World Champion Shaolin Sándor Liu misses flight
    British short track national team on the way to the Olympic Qualification Audi ISU World Cup Short Track in Budapest was supposed to arrive in the Hungarian capital 16:20 on Sunday. For everybody’ surprise, however, only Team Ireland landed with the plane.
  • 09. 24. 2017
    Unfortunate accident made Malaysia withdraw
    Malaysian skater CHIN ASHLEY SOOK HUI had a bad fall while training in Seoul Korea just before travelling to Budapest. She badly hit her ankle and due to this, she has to withdraw from the competition.
  • 09. 24. 2017
    Team Canada is ready
    Most of the faces are so familiar, but there is a big change in the Canadian team. Jennifer Cottin is the new team leader, Yves Hamelin, the father of the two stars Charles and Francois, does not take part at the competition.
  • 09. 24. 2017
    AUDI ISU Short Track World Cup – TICKET INFO
    Heats of the Audi ISU World Cup Short Track on September 28th and 29th can be visited free of charge!
  • 09. 23. 2017
    South Korean short trackers are in Budapest also
    On Saturday Team South Korea has arrived, with six male and six female athletes. From the previous news, it was clear, that the athletes in Budapest will participate at the Olympic Games next February.
  • 09. 23. 2017
    The Dutch team for the first two World Cup competitions is announced
    This season’s first selection competition for the Dutch short track team took place on Friday morning in Thialf. The first world cup tickets were won by Dylan Hoogerwerf and Jorien ter Mors.
  • 09. 23. 2017
    It’s already 43 countries!
    The entry of the 43rd country has been submitted to the Audi ISU World Cup Short Track to be staged in Budapest. Four ladies and two men will represent Croatia with Danijela Ivandic and Maja Ivandic amongst them.
  • 09. 23. 2017
    Our ice is hard and cold as is supposed to
    After several days of work, the ice specialists have finished installing the ice rink in the BOK Hall, in Budapest, where the Audi ISU World Cup Short Track is staged next week, with significant things at stake.
  • 09. 23. 2017
    Early bird catches the worm? – First team has arrived
    Team Poland has been the first Team to enter the door of Hotel Danubius Arena, the official hotel of the World Cup. A young team of 6 ladies and 5 men have already arrived, they are only waiting for one last mate, who is coming tomorrow.
  • 09. 22. 2017
    Norway totals the participating nations’ number to 42
    Short trackers from 42 countries line up at the start line next week to commence the World Cup Short Track series of the season in Budapest with the 1500 and 500m heats for both genders.
  • 09. 22. 2017
    Ter Mors retires from short track at the end of the season
    This is the final season as a short tracker for Jorien ter Mors. 27-year-old athlete from Enschede, the Netherlands hopes to get to the Dutch national team and grab a medal in the relay event at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.
  • 09. 22. 2017
    Korean Queen of Short Track is well-prepared
    The already eight-time world champion, still just 20-year-old Shim Suk Hee, informed the media that she was absolutely well-prepared for the Budapest World Cup commencing on September 28th.
  • 09. 20. 2017
    Elise Christie: All started with a chocolate selection box
    At Audi ISU World Cup Short Track in Budapest all skaters have different stories, but two of them has a unique one. Hungary’s top skater Liu
  • 09. 19. 2017
    Gleams of hope for Viktor Knoch’s World Cup performance
    It has become doubtful whether the several-time individual and relay World Cup champion Viktor Knoch, the captain of the Hungarian national team in short track speed skating, can compete at the first Olympic Qualifying World Cup to be staged in Budapest next week between Sept. 28 and Oct.
  • 09. 15. 2017
    The Italian have also entered the finishing straight
    The tournament held in Heerenveen, the Netherlands, proved to be a proper dress rehearsal as well as the last test of strength, for the Italian national team before the Budapest
  • 09. 13. 2017
    Canadian short track speed skating team named for PyeongChang 2018
    The Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) and Speed Skating Canada (SSC) named the ten athletes and two coaches provisionally selected to represent Team Canada in short track speed skating at the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018.
  • 09. 13. 2017
    After the Hungarian National Championships
    12 women and 18 men short trackers participated in the Hungarian National Championships held last week in Budapest. The tournament’s schedule was adjusted to that of
  • 09. 12. 2017
    150 days to go till the Winter Olympics
    150 days to go till the Winter Olympics On September 11th, there will only be 150 days to go till the 23rd Winter Olympics begin on February 8th, 2018 in South Korea. The first
  • 09. 05. 2017
    264 athletes from 41 countries have been entered to Budapest
    264 athletes from 41 countries have been entered to the first Winter Olympic Games qualifying tournament of the year, the AUDI ISU World Cup Short Track, to be staged in Budapest at the end of September. The final closing date for entries is 23rd September.

Schedule and tickets

SEPT 28, 2017

1500 m Ladies Qualifying session Individual

1500 m Men Qualifying session Individual

BOK csarnok
1146 Budapest, Dózsa György út 1.
SEPT 29, 2017

1000 m Ladies Qualifying session Individual

1000 m Men Qualifying session Individual

3000 m Relay Ladies Qualifying session

5000 m Relay Men Qualifying session

BOK csarnok
1146 Budapest, Dózsa György út 1.
SEPT 30, 2017

1500 m Ladies Individual Semi Finals, Final

1500 m Men Individual Semi Finals, Final

500 m Ladies Individual Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, Final

500 m Men Individual Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, Final

3000 m Relay Ladies Semi Finals

5000 m Relay Men Semi Finals

BOK csarnok
1146 Budapest, Dózsa György út 1.
OCT 01, 2017

1000 m Ladies Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, Final

1000 m Men Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, Final

3000 m Relay Ladies Finals

5000 m Relay Men Finals

BOK csarnok
1146 Budapest, Dózsa György út 1.

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