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Korean and Canadian golds to conclude the event

Korean and Canadian golds to conclude the event In the men’s relay event Canada won the race ahead of the Chinese in an incredibly close race.  In the women’s competition South Korea prevailed, as with the relay win they have pocketed six golds out of the eight on offer. Both Hungarian relay squads were competing […]

Choi Ming Jeong from Korea is the Queen of Budapest

The races of the third individual distance, the 1000, as well as those of the two relay events remained for Sunday at the AUDI ISU World Cup Short Track. From the 1000m quarter-finals the first two of each heat and the two quickest third placed got into the semi-final. Petra Jászapáti was skating on the […]

My helmet is me

“It is actually all my idea”, Aaron Tran of Team USA started presenting his helmet – representing himself. The ISU made a decision last year that allows athletes to show their helmets during the competition, they do not need to cover them anymore.  Members of Team USA realized this was an opportunity to paint personalized […]

Hungarians under microscope

The actual health conditions of our athletes are measured not only weekly or monthly, but we do conduct a continuous tracking of their state on a daily basis. They are checked immediately after wake up in the morning, so that the coaches would get a picture on the scale of load their nervous system can […]

Results of the Finals (30. 09):

Men 1500 m: 1. Lim Hjo Dzsun (dél-koreai) 2:14.537 perc 2. Hvang Dae Heon (dél-koreai) 2:14.616 3. Sjinkie Knegt (holland) 2:14.769 Ladies 1500 m: 1. Csoj Min Dzsung (dél-koreai) 2:33.025 perc 2. Kim Boutin (kanadai) 2:33.096 3. Deanna Lockett (ausztrál) 2:33.555 Men 500 m: 1. Liu Shaolin Sándor 41.456 másodperc 2. Lim Hjo Dzsun (dél-koreai) […]

Relay semi-finals

In the second semi-final of the Ladies’ 3000m team Korea soon took the lead, but the Russian, the French and the Hungarian relay squads following them kept alternating the second position. At the end the Hungarian team in the composition of Bernadett Heidum, Andrea Keszler, Sára Luca Bácskai and Petra Jászapáti took the fourth place, […]

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