Magyar Országos Korcsolyázó Szövetség
Vissza 2017. október 1.

Hungarians under microscope

The actual health conditions of our athletes are measured not only weekly or monthly, but we do conduct a continuous tracking of their state on a daily basis. They are checked immediately after wake up in the morning, so that the coaches would get a picture on the scale of load their nervous system can endure – says Péter Kovács MD. Indicators of the metabolism are examined as well, matching the organism’s acid-base balance.

Short track speed skating being a non-aerobe, intensive discipline requires a great physical as well as mental stress, during which the acid-bace balance shifts to a great extent, producing a lot of lactic acid. We also measure the indicators of acceleration, typical for the discipline to characterise the nerve-muscle coordination. As the four-day competition has been over we will prepare a combined survey on the changes occurred in the energetic store and the body composition. We examine how much the fights and the stress have taken out of the organism. We scrutinise the muscle’s loading level from a mechanical aspect.  The functional performance diagnostic system, developed by us, is a Hungarian speciality, unmatched at international level as well. We have used this system to track our athletes’ actual conditions for years now, thus contributing to their preparation.



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